Search for ancestors

_HAM2169We live in 21. century but we can travel in to the past. Genealogy, searching for ancestors can lead us to the mystery of (yet) unknown. My journey has stopped for a while about 450 years ago when my 9x-great-grandfather had married. I experienced a lot of fights, e.g. Gothic alphabet deciphering spiced with Latin or old German, which btw. I read and write pretty fluently now, digging out information from numerous archives, obtaining special permissions, should not forget to mention st..ling, asking, begging and greasing staff’s palm, sniffing old books’, archives’ or churches’ smells and tracking online records.



As hard work as it sounds it’s not so difficult actually. You just need a patience, some knowledge (which always can be gained!) and a LOT of luck. Genealogy is not only about building a family tree but getting also familiar with very different fields including the history of your neighbourhood, development of transportation, old diseases and occupations, the way of living, learning and loving.

I’m putting some keywords, tags and surnames to this post hopefully to attract similar enthusiasts below. Maybe our trees will interlace or at least experiences will be shared. Please feel free to write me an email – for the contact see the section About.




1. hahm, hahme, hahmin, ham

2. borštnar, vrtačnik, jesih

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